Saipa Club Managing Director Eager Message for Club Award

  • 13 اردیبهشت 1397
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Saipa Club Managing Director Eager Message for Club Award

Reza Dervish, director of Saipa Cultural Sports Club, issued a letter to the Asian Football Club Cup.

Reza Darwish, director of the Saipa Cultural Sports Club, with the congratulatory dedication of all Sharif Iranians, has received the AFC Cup bonus by the club's football team at the time of the birth of Hazrat Mahdi (AS). Congratulations to the club and its luck with the club. The CEO of the Saipa Club honors this pride and honor that has taken place after 11 years for all the workers of the efforts of the Saipa automobile group, which has been driven with selflessness and self-sacrifice. Incorporating the wheels of the country's industry and also the technical staff of the CARDAN, non-profit players, Team P Sayeh Specialist, Team Leader and Support Manager, Hodaharan Saboor, and the Saipa Tobacco Workers and Managers who congratulated and appreciated all the loved ones in solidarity with the distinguished manager of the team, whose knowledge and influence was a blessing on this occasion. Reza Darvish added: "Undoubtedly, this victory was a result of a group work with the great Lord." It is hoped that with the confidence of Allah and Almighty, we would be able to represent a respectable representative of our beloved Islamic country in this international arena.

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