Saipa is the fourth representative of Iran in the Asian Cup

  • 13 اردیبهشت 1397
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Saipa is the fourth representative of Iran in the Asian Cup

With the victory of the Tehran Independence team in the final match, Saipa football team will be represented as the fourth representative of Iran in the Asian Club Cup.

According to the public relations report of Saipa Sports Cultural Company; Tehran's Orange Show has lost its position with the results of the unexpected results of the 17th Premier League, until the last weeks of the first contender of the Iranian Football Pro League championship. Disciples dismissed their powerful opponents in the league with their efforts and unanimity alongside the technical staff, and ranked fourth in the top four in the ranking of the team in the past 11 years. However, the four teams from Iran have a quota Attending the Asian Cup. With the championship of Tehran's Independence Team in the final of the country's elimination cup and placing this team in the third place of the Premier League and in accordance with the rules of the Football Federation of the Fourth League Football Federation, which is orange-covered, includes the acquisition of Asian coins. I congratulate this great honor on the workers and employees of the company. Dear Saipa automobile group, Thanksgiving and appreciation of Cadpfliy, players, fans and employees of Saipa Cultural Sports Club, who have done this with great effort and sympathy.

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